The Webmaster's Poker Affiliate Guide - How to Build a Profitable Poker Website

The Webmaster’s Poker Affiliate Guide:
How to Build a Profitable Poker Website

The Webmaster's Poker Affiliate Guide - How to Build a Profitable Poker Website

Starting a Poker Website

Poker Affiliate Guide - How to Build and Promote a Better Poker Website Web Business Basics
Poker Affiliate Guide - Building and Promoting a Better Poker Website Your Poker Concept
Poker Affiliate Guide - Online Poker Room Affilaites Online Poker Affiliates
Poker Affiliate Guide - Online Poker Rooms Join the Poker Rooms
Poker Affiliate Guide - How to Build and Promote a Better Poker Website Developing the Concept

Building Your Poker Website

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Poker Affiliate Guide - How to Build and Promote a Better Poker Website Introduction – Poker Affiliates
Poker Affiliate Guide - Building and Promoting a Better Poker Website Poker Affiliate Reviews

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    Concepts & Ideas for a Poker Website

    The first step to building your poker website does not require any web programming skills or killer poker strategies. All you need is a concept or idea. You may be thinking, “Well, I do have an idea for a website, and it’s poker!” Sorry, that’s not good enough. Because the key here is that people need to find your website. And if someone types in “poker” into Google, trust me, that person will not find your little poker web site. Hurry up and start winning with thai flower slots free at our casino. Limited supply! Ok, so let me back up here. There are plenty of ways for users to find your website – TV commercials, radio spots, magazine ads, internet advertising, pay-per-clicks – and they can all get pretty expensive. The fact that you are reading this page right now means you are working on a limited budget and do not have the kind of dollars to hire a web development company and advertising firm. So, what other options are there? Word of mouth – have your 5 family members and 7 friends visit your site. Nice web business. Ok, so your final option – from the very beginning, strategize on book of ra kostenlos spielen ohne anmeldung mybet acquiring free traffic from organic searches on the major internet search engines, particularly Google, Yahoo, and MSN. “Organic” searches refers to someone typing in certain keywords or phrases into a search engine and having your website appear on the resulting pages or SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) without having to pay for those keywords, banners, or click-throughs. If you do this right, you could get thousands of people visiting your site without having to pay for anything. Obviously, this is an incredibly powerful and profitable strategy.

    Now, back to the concept, with the search engines in mind, you have to get more specific about the purpose and focus of your poker website. “Poker” isn’t it. “Online Poker” isn’t it, but we’re getting better. “Online Texas Holdem Poker” isn’t it either, but you’re starting to get the picture. What about “Pot Limit Texas Holdem Strategies”? Now, we’ve got something. You have to get specific. You have to try to become THE AUTHORITY WEBSITE on a select keyphrase or grouping of keywords. “Seven Card Stud Online Poker Room Reviews” is another example of something specific enough that can be targeted by your website, and become king of that mountain.

    Hopefully, you haven’t invested in a domain name or web hosting company yet, because those are important decisions, too. Go to our website and get online casino 25 euro startguthaben. Hurry up to go and start winning! Right now, it’s all about strategizing your new poker website. Practice some searches with Google on some specific terms. What’s the quality of results? How many results? I’m going to jump ahead right now and mention something about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that I will discuss in detail later on. Visit Google and download the Google Toolbar.

    Once you install the Google Toolbar, you’ll see a bar with the title PageRank on your browser. Now, perform some searches on Google surrounding some of the poker terms or phrases you are considering targeting. Click on the listing in Google to visit that website, and check out that website’s PageRank. This PageRank measures the quality and relativity of the website. It ranks the website according to Google’s own internal algorithm. If a website has 0 PageRank, then it’s considered weak (or brand new) by Google, and will not be very successful in the organic searches in Google. If the PageRank is 5 or higher, then Google is giving this particular website respect and power in their searches.

    How strong are the sites you are finding for you poker niche? Do the websites have a weak or strong PageRank (PR)? If the PR for those websites are poor, maybe you could you become the first, second, or third listing on that first page of the SERP’s!!!

    Whatever poker concept or idea you come up with, be sure it is something you actually know, understand, and have a lot of experience with. DO NOT COPY CONTENT FROM ANOTHER WEBSITE AND REGURGITATE IT IN A DIFFERENT MANNER! This is copyright infringement and is illegal. All content on the web is copyrighted material – someone originally wrote that material – even if there isn’t a copyright tag anywhere to be found. Unless you have written consent FROM THE AUTHOR to use his work, you cannot take or copy that material. The internet has made stealing copyrighted material ridiculously easy. All you have to do is copy and paste. But, just because it’s easy, does not make it acceptable. If you take any poker material from another website, that other website has a right to a percentage of every dollar your website makes. Obviously, if you are considering building your own web business and having it succeed, you don’t want to later give back all the money you’ve made to someone else because you were too lazy to write your own original content. In fact, you could lose a lot more than just what your web business made. A website could claim you harmed their business, and may come after a lot more. Add in the legal fees, and you are putting a lot at stake just because you wouldn’t take the time to write your own content.

    The internet user, particularly those searching over the web, is looking for valuable information. You need to be an expert, or close to one, in your particular field to offer this value. If you aren’t an expert yet, work on becoming one. Bring value to the internet, there are already tons of worthless poker websites on the Net. Don’t add another one. Deliver knowledge, original content, and value to your visitors, and your website will succeed and turn a very nice profit.

    The Poker Affiliate Guide – How to Build and Promote a Better Poker Website