The Webmaster's Poker Affiliate Guide - How to Build a Profitable Poker Website

The Webmaster’s Poker Affiliate Guide:
How to Build a Profitable Poker Website

The Webmaster's Poker Affiliate Guide - How to Build a Profitable Poker Website

Starting a Poker Website

Poker Affiliate Guide - How to Build and Promote a Better Poker Website Web Business Basics
Poker Affiliate Guide - Building and Promoting a Better Poker Website Your Poker Concept
Poker Affiliate Guide - Online Poker Room Affilaites Online Poker Affiliates
Poker Affiliate Guide - Online Poker Rooms Join the Poker Rooms
Poker Affiliate Guide - How to Build and Promote a Better Poker Website Developing the Concept

Building Your Poker Website

Poker Affiliate Guide - Choosing a Domain Name Choosing a Domain Name
Poker Affiliate Guide - Web Hosting Reviews Guide to Web Hosting
Poker Affiliate Guide - How to Build and Promote a Better Poker Website Introduction – Poker Affiliates
Poker Affiliate Guide - Building and Promoting a Better Poker Website Poker Affiliate Reviews

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    The Webmaster’s Poker Affiliate Guide
    How to Build a Profitable Poker Website

    Some of you may already know me, but I’ll tell my story from the beginning. I guess I started out as a computer gamer. I had my new computer, a fast internet connection, and Counter-Strike & Unreal Tournament – I was online during all my spare time and having a blast. Hurry up and start winning with thai flower slots free at our casino. Limited supply!
    And then, one day, I thought I’d give online poker a try. I had been hearing about online poker, already knew how to play Texas holdem poker (or so I thought!!!), and being an avid poker fan, Vegas fan, and blackjack fan, I thought this would be an interesting endeavor.

    Well, online poker ate me up pretty quickly, I lost my entire bankroll… but I was hooked. I would never play Counter-Strike or Unreal Tournament again. My online time would forever involve book of ra kostenlos spielen poker. Being one not to accept defeat that easily, I studied online poker websites and read several poker books, switched my game from limit Texas hold’em poker to no limit Texas holdem poker, and re-entered the arena with greater determination. I had lost $700 during my inital learning period in the first half of 2003. In 2004, I made over $10,000 in poker. I know this really isn’t that much, but playing low-stakes poker on limited hours…well, who couldn’t use an extra $10k?!

    I had figured out how to consistently win in online poker – specifically, how to win at the no limit Texas hold’em ring game. Go to our website and get casino 25 euro bonus ohne einzahlung. Hurry up to go and start winning! I had tried out different poker games- Sit & Go tournaments, multi-table tournaments, limit ring/cash games, and found I was most profitable at the no limit Texas holdem ring game variation. I had worked on my poker strategies and figured this out around August of 2003. That’s when I decided to put my experience and knowledge online and develop a poker strategy website to help others learn the game. I partnered with one of my friends who knew some HTML and search engine strategies, and together we started a poker website. I was now a poker webmaster.

    Even though I was still relatively new to the game of poker (and still am!), I was consistently profitable, every month. I put everything I learned, everything I knew, into my poker strategy website. People started to visit it. I gave them what little poker advice I had, posted real hold’em hands that I had played, critiqued other players’ hands, and tried to deliver real value. More visitors came. We had to take on more help from the webmaster perspective, we had another friend join in to support us. Around this time, we started creating poker affiliate relationships and posting poker affiliate links throughout our website. I played at certain online poker rooms, honestly liked them, and so mentioned them. and were my favorites, so we posted our affiliate links to those poker rooms, and visitors started to join! The more poker content we put on the web site, the more poker traffic we received, and the more visitors clicked on those poker affiliate links and became poker players at and .

    Eventually, we started venturing out to other poker rooms, playing in some of the newer poker rooms, writing up our honest opinions of those poker rooms, and then set up those poker room affiliate programs. Soon, we had a dozen poker room affiliates, each of them collecting poker players through our website (although PartyPoker and EmpirePoker would continue to be our favorites and the most popular with our visitors). We also linked to and and sold our recommended poker books and poker chips.

    What started off as a fun exercise learning how to write HTML and a discussion of my winning poker strategies became a money making website that would rival my own poker profits!!! I still play online poker every month, but now those revenues are matched by my poker website revenues. Being a poker webmaster is as profitable as being a good poker player!

    I spend all my free time playing poker, writing about poker, and working as a poker webmaster. And now, well, welcome to my latest creation. Just like how I’ve learned to play profitable online poker and created a website to teach that, well now I’ve learned how to create a profitable poker website and become a poker webmaster, and I’ve created this website to help teach this!

    So, is it really worth venturing on and putting in all that effort into some sort of affiliate marketing website? Absolutely. I’ve recently quit my regular 9 to 5 job, and am now working full time as a poker player and as a poker webmaster. Poker affiliate programs are paying for my mortgage. Isn’t that worth looking into? LOL, you bet it is!

    Everything you’ll find on this website – my webmaster’s guide to the world of poker affiliates – are things that I’ve done myself on my poker website. Take your time and read EACH of the articles on the left NAV, in sequential order from top to bottom. It will make more and more sense as you progress. I write from true, personal experience so you’ll know what to expect. And as you decide to join these various poker affiliate programs, please consider joining through the links on this website. All the information here is free and honest. You don’t have to go purchase a rip-off e-book, or get scammed by an e-bay poker website clearance sale, or wade through a ton of affiliate marketing garbage to learn how to be a poker webmaster and build a profitable poker website. You can do the entire thing yourself, with some HTML knowledge (or HTML partner), legitimate poker knowledge, and solid effort. This poker affiliate guide website will teach you everything you need to know to do it yourself and be your own poker webmaster. And it will be fun. If you do find this information useful, you can support the site but joining through our poker affiliate links. Thanks again and enjoy your visit to the Poker Affiliate Guide.

    Making money is fun, now go do it.

    The Webmaster’s Poker Affiliate Guide – How to Build a Profitable Poker Website